In the end, Meghana Raj announced with her son as a witness, and the audience wondered if it was disrespectful to her first husband, and another section said that it should not be seen as such.

Meghana Raj is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is one of the stars that Vinayan introduced to Malayalam cinema. Her husband passed away recently. Her husband was Chiranjeevi Sarja who was one of the famous stars of Kannada cinema. The actress was pregnant when her husband died. Later the actress gave birth to a boy.

Recently there were reports that the actress is getting married again. But the actor earlier replied that it is not true. But later the news of the second marriage of the actress started coming in the media. Only after this the actor himself came forward by officially releasing that information.

The actor said that he is going to start his own YouTube channel. The actor says that many things are happening around him and many people are telling bad things about him and 99% of them are not true. The actor says that now that he has started a YouTube channel, he knows the answers to all his questions about himself.

Meanwhile there was a question that how to remain so strong. To this the actor replied – “Your support is what makes me sit like this. If someone says we are too strong, then we have won half the battle. You and your mother make me stronger every day” – Actor it is said. Meanwhile, the actress did not name her ex-husband in her merits. Malayali asks if this is not courtesy towards first husband. But his fans say that it should not be seen like this.

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