In that sense, Indrajit is ahead, then Mamuka-Prithviraj look like this.

In that regard, Indrajit is ahead, and again it is seen in Mammooka: Prithviraj

Actor Prithviraj says his brothers Indrajit and Mammootty want to be closer to the family. Prithviraj said that Mammootty is someone who enjoys being around people and would be more than happy to have dinner at their house.

Club FM Prithviraj’s comments were made during an interview in Dubai. Along with him, actress Aparna Balamurali also reached for the interview.

The presenter’s question was who is the family man in the film industry. ‘My brother is a family man. And Mamuka felt the same way. He likes them all together. Mamuka is the kind of person who loves to be around people. If he goes to eat at Mamuka’s house, he is very happy,’ said Prithviraj.

When asked about stars paying attention to dressing style, Prithviraj replied that Dulquer is very fashion conscious. Aparna’s answer to this question was that Sania is a person who tries many styles.

Prithviraj replied to this question by saying, “Haven’t you seen Messi sleeping holding the World Cup, what would it be like to sleep holding it close to your heart in life?”

Kappa is Prithviraj’s last released film. Directed by Shaji Kailas, screenplay by G. There is Indugopan. Anna Ben, Asif Ali, Dileesh Pothan and Jagdish played other characters in the film with Aparna Balamurali as the female lead.

Content Highlights: Prithviraj on Mammootty and Indrajith

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