In 2015, Keeravani contemplated quitting the music industry, so that’s the advice I give to my kids; AR Rahman with Revelation

MM Keeravani is a director who has composed several songs in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada languages. Margatamani, M.M. Also known as Cream, his song ‘Naatu Naatu’ won a Golden Globe Award.

This award was for the song ‘Naatu Naatu’ in RRR. This song has recently received the 95th Oscar nomination. Now AR has revealed such information about him which few people know. Rahman.

AR said that Keeravani thought about leaving the music scene in 2015. Rahman says. In an interview to News18, A.R. Rahman disclosed this.

He is a great music director but he didn’t get the recognition he deserved and in 2015 Keeravani thought of quitting the music industry. But since then, Keeravani’s career has taken off’, A.R. Rehman said.

I always tell my kids that the great man who worked for 35 years once thought of quitting and that’s where his career started.

If someone feels like their life is over, this may be the point from where yours begins. Rahman also said that this is the biggest example.

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