Importantly, religion doesn’t come as a hindrance in that relationship – Vijay’s words heard at the Heir audio launch

Vijay is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He hasn’t even acted in a Malayalam film yet, but Vijay has made it to the list of most admired actors in Kerala. The reason for this is that all his Tamil films have been making waves in Kerala for the past several decades. Now his latest film is getting ready for release. The name of the movie is Waaris.

This was followed by the audio launch of the film on 25th. This program was broadcast on the occasion of New Year. In this event, not only the fans but also the common people were eagerly waiting to hear the full version of Vijay’s speech. The audio launch, children’s stories narrated by Vijay and the stand announcement are being well received by all. In such a situation, some words spoken by the actor are being noticed.

He has developed an app to promote blood donation. His immediate manager takes care of it. The actor said these words in the background of this. “There is something special about the blood in all our bodies. We can donate it to anyone. There caste, creed, caste and gender is not a problem. The most important thing is that religion does not come as a barrier. ” – said the actor in the program.

The film is scheduled to release on January 12. The number of fan shows in Kerala has already crossed 100. It is known that the film will collect at least 8 crores from Kerala on the first day. Meanwhile, the film starring Ajith is also releasing on the same day. Like every time, this time also cyber war has started between the fans.

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