If you want to show something wrong with Guruvayurappan’s name, just think of Rajumone Variyamkunna; Pratish Vishwanath against Prithviraj film

Last day Prithviraj-Basil Joseph announced a new film with lead roles. The film is directed by the director of the new film Jayjayjayjayhey which continues to perform with great success.

The name of this film was ‘Guruvayoorambalanadail’. After the release of the title poster of the film, Pratish Vishwanath, former leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, has threatened against the film.

In a note shared on Facebook, Pratheesh Vishwanath said that if you want to show some blame in the name of Guruvayoorappan, remember your own ‘Variamkunna’ declared by Rajumon.

It is evident that Unnimukundan has been able to create a sense of direction for Malayalam filmmakers. But if you want to show some fault in Guruvayoorappan’s name, think of his own ‘Variamkunna’ as declared by Rajuman. Long live Shri Krishna’. Pratish wrote on Facebook.

At the same time, film lovers say that it is not right to criticize the film without knowing the story. Meanwhile, after the hit film ‘Jaya Jaya Jay Hai’, the film directed by Vipin Das is written by Deepu Pradeep.

Deepu Pradeep is the co-screenwriter of ‘Kunjiramayan’. The film will be a comedy entertainer. The production is under the banner of E4 Entertainment, the makers of ‘Godaa’. The shooting of the film will start soon.



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