If you want to come to watch the first show, you must have prepared for it long ago, so there is no harm in watching and commenting on the first show; Saubin clarified his position

Several directors and actors have already come forward to criticize and comment on the first show of the film.

But some other filmmakers have clarified that those who saw the film for money have a right to criticize the film.

Meanwhile, actor Soubin Shahir has come forward giving his opinion on this matter.

Actor Saubin Shaheer says there is nothing wrong in watching a film in its entirety. But the actor said that he is not interested in the comments seen in the first half. The actor said this in an interview to Kaumudi Movies.

People come to the theater by spending their money and time. The film should be enjoyable for the audience. Soubin also says that the audience should be given utmost importance while making a film.

Movies always have a power. That’s why good films don’t fail. Even if you try to spoil them, nothing will happen. So it is not wrong to comment on the film after watching it completely – says Soubin.

Saubin said that if he had to come to watch the first show on the first day, he should have prepared for it much earlier.

When I hear the story of a film, or when I think of a story, I mostly think of the audience.

Beyond that story, I care about how people approach it. The actor also said that the film should be made in such a way that the audience can enjoy it.

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