If you haven’t eaten one, would you like more? Anushree about second marriage

The audience got to know actress Anushree through the miniscreen. Recently Anushree’s name was in headlines. Anushree’s marriage with actor Vishnu was much talked about. But now the actress has separated from her husband. After this there were many criticisms against Anushree. Now the actors are answering the questions related to married life. Anushree says that she is scared to give interviews now because the comments below contradict it.

Also the child is with her and when she grows up she will have questions in her mind because I am one of those who have gone through this. Anushree says I am not one of those who wanted to raise child without father, I wanted to be with my husband.

But the actress says that if she has come out now, then there is a clear reason for it and a mistake has been made from both of us. Anushree replied to the comment below her video. Anushree said that she will decide whether she will follow her mother’s path in life or not. The actor says that money is important in life and when you live with your family, the responsibility increases.

But I have heard people say that being with your husband will make you happy. Anushree says even if we stay alone, we will get happiness and we will do such things which will make us happy. On the other hand, when asked if she is not interested in getting married for the second time, Anushree’s question was whether she did not see that she is married and whether she still wants to get married.

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