‘If you had even a quarter of the love of my adventure…

Kochi: After becoming a favorite of family audiences as a reality show anchor, Jewel Mary is one actress who entered cinema and became the darling of the youth. Gehana made her debut with Mammootty’s film Pathemari.

Gehna’s words about broken love are now making headlines on social media. Gehna says Prem’s failure broke her mentally.

The jewel are the words of Mary;

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‘If you had even a quarter of the courage I had to love… Mentally broken and isolated by everyone at school. Eventually I had to drop out of school. In those days love was a terrible phenomenon. His behavior was as if I had some kind of AIDS. I had to study that day sitting alone on a bench. This is the reason why the school was changed. Now that I think about it, he was very much in love with me as a thirteen-year-old.’