‘If what happened to me happened to common people, they would have hanged themselves’: Bala opens up

Kochi: Bala is an actor who is popular among the audience through news and social media. Videos and pictures shared by Bala on social media quickly grab everyone’s attention. Now Bala’s words in an interview are making headlines on social media.

Bala says that no actor is a normal human being. Bala said he still gets emotional when he is called an actor.

Bala’s words are as follows;

“An actor is not a normal person. He gets emotional when he says he is an actor. Never felt the need for Facebook Lives anymore. In the name of law, people have come to surround and attack my house. But that I sat silently the whole time.

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I come from a big family. Sitting on a big position. Well then. What if it is a layman coming? Will die by hanging. Everyone thinks it’s cool to be rich. So why did Sushant Singh die?

Can I give you the only answer why he died? There was an intolerable worry in his mind. If you say it openly, a person cannot understand. Had he realized that at least one person could understand him, he might not have taken this decision.

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