If the film is shot in the premises of Sabarimala, will it be a Sangh Parivar film? – Director Anoop Panikkar

Unni Mukundan starrer Malikappuram is still doing well in the theatres. Even after the release of the film, Vijay’s Waaris and Ajith’s Thuniv big budget films are still showing in Malikappuram to packed audiences. Ever since the film’s release, a vigorous campaign is being run against the film, saying that the politics of the Sangh Parivar has been used. Anoop Panikkar, director of the film Kadavar, has come out with a reaction against it.

He started his post on social media with the introduction that his politics is RSS. There are many reasons why Malikappuram is a movie favourite. Abhilash Pillai, the writer of Kadavar, and Vishnu Shashi Shankar, who was his associate director, were most devoted to Ayyappan. He says that Malikappuram was the film that satisfied his devotion.

‘The film has ingredients that will appeal to all Ayyappan worshipers. Some say that the film has agenda of Hinduism and RSS. Where does it try to hide beyond the fact that it portrays the feelings of a young child? I have never seen anyone say anywhere that there is any special interest for films made in Malappuram. I have never heard of such interest in films being made in Kottayam. Then what is the problem in shooting a film around Sabarimala? I am a person who believes in RSS. But I am also a person who loves and respects my brothers and sisters of different religions. Politics is only personal freedom. Mother, father, sister-in-law and elder brother will have different politics in our family. Different types of discussions keep happening in the families. There are quarrels in love. Has that consciousness been implemented in the society as well?’, asks Anoop.