If someone else is shocked to see me, it is my victory; Meghna Raj

Meghana Raj is a favorite actress of the audience, though she has worked in very few films in Malayalam. Meghna made her acting debut in a Telugu film and later went on to do several films in several languages. The actress has recently started a YouTube channel.

Now Meghna is answering the questions of the fans. Somebody told Meghna that her mother used to say about you how strong a single woman is. This comment makes me strong and happy to hear this. The actor said that if another person gets shocked seeing me, then it is my success.

No matter how difficult the situation is, we have to face it. Success is where you rise from it. The actor also said that I am speaking on the basis of my life experiences.

Meanwhile, the title launch of the new film is not complete yet. It will happen soon. Meghna had come to share the joy of coming back after a long time. Meghna said that everyone always likes to see her happy.

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