If not, Molle won’t let these spring groups live like Anaswara Chechi and Esther Chechi – did you see the cautionary comment below on Malikappuram Devanand’s post? the audience said there’s a point

Devanand is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. The actor has appeared in several films as a child artist. However, his career turned around with the film Malikappuram. The actor played the role of Kallu in the film. With this, we saw one of the best performances of last year.

The actor takes part in many public events. Actors share all their pictures and videos through social media. The actor recently attended an event. The actor has now shared a video in which the actor is speaking. There were many comments below this. Most of the comments were congratulating him.

An interesting fact is that most of the people commenting on her posts and pictures are uncles and aunties. The elders have a lot of attachment for this child. But a person has warned that this is a kind of danger. Although he posted the comment through a fake account, viewers believe what he is saying is factual.

Meanwhile, this comment is now going viral. Many people have come forward repeating what was said in this comment. Now the audience is telling the child that Devanand should listen to this person or else there will be big consequences, mole has been facing social media for the last few years. However, read the comment that is going viral on social media:

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