If Manju is asked to sing then Bakri should be asked to sing; actress dancing with lakshmi

Fans have given actress Manju Warrier the title of Lady Superstar of Malayalam. Ayesha is the latest release of the actress. The film is getting good response. Manju and team Ayesha celebrating the success of the film.

The actor also reached Dubai for the promotion of the film. Manju was received in Dubai by Mithun Ramesh and his wife Lakshmi Menon. Lakshmi Menon is a social media influencer and entertainer.

It is from here that the video of Manju dancing with Lakshmi is going viral. Such a game was created to know how many updates Manju is on social media. Manju dances in front of Lakshmi every time the song comes on. Manju can also be heard laughing in the video. The actor was seen in a different look in the video. Anyway, this video of the star is now going viral.

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