If I say no, I get a thousand other kids; Aarti Churna

Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan is one such person who has become a favorite of the audience through Bigg Boss. The actor got a big reception when he came out of it. Robin is still busy meeting his fans. The actor who is active on social media also shares the news of his child.

Robin and Aarti’s wedding is next month. Now both have given interviews together. Meanwhile, Aarti’s talk about Rob is also making headlines. Aarti says she is most happy now after Robin Chetan came in my life.

I don’t want those days brother, my life is going like this. Let my life settle down and get married. No one knew this then. only we know. The actor said that he didn’t run away and stayed with me because he had genuine feelings for me.

He has no difficulty in getting people. When I say this, I am thinking in my mind, If I don’t say it, it is time to have a thousand children. And yet if it stands like this for me, it’s a big deal for me. We are sitting like this today because we were standing like this then. Aarti said that Chetan is the one who has worked hard in our relationship.

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