If Bharatamba is formed, then it will be organized, ABVP will organize all the programs in the country – Anushree

If Bharatamba is formed, we will hold and organize, ABVP will organize all programs in the country: Anushree

In 2018, actress Anushree was criticized after she played the role of Bharatamba in the show Balagokulam. There were allegations that Anushree was a supporter of the Sangh Parivar. But at that time Anushree had made it clear that she had no sympathy with any political party and used to participate in such events in the country since childhood. Now the actress has again given her reaction on this incident. The actor’s response was in an interview to IndiaGlitz Malayalam.

‘If it becomes Bharatamba, then a gang will be made after catching it.’ To be honest, I don’t know anything about politics. I know Ganesh. And I love Shafi Parambil MLA. So I don’t know much other than knowing some names. As I am a Hindu boy and my house is around a temple, I am someone who is engaged in the affairs of the temple.

Rakhi tying, Annadanam and other programs will be done by the brothers of ABVP. Had these been done by Congress sympathizers or Communist sympathizers, I would have gone for it. In our country, ABVP has become brothers who do all these things.

Before becoming Bharatamba, we are Krishna and Radha. But I was not a film actress then. No one had any problem that day. Even then I have no politics. We refer to this as our temple program. If I want to be Bharatambaya in the temple, I will be Bharatambaya. If you want to be Krishna or Radha, be it.

I didn’t do anything because I was scared. If you want to do something in the condition of my temple, it will be for free. That is my freedom. It has no political background,’ Anushree said.

Content Highlights: Anushree talks about being a part of the Balahokulam event

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