I will not put myself before anyone for love, I will not value anything more than my pain: Seema Vineet

Seema graciously responds to those who express love in the hope of getting something back from her. Seema says that from a young age, she has not even been able to recognize what her parents’ love is.

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‘Before writing here, I thought a lot whether to say this in a public place or not. But I am saying here only because my mind said to say. I don’t value anything more than my pain right now. Because the payment was made multiple times.

I am that child who has grown up without any support since childhood. Still, I couldn’t understand why I had such a divisive family. But today as I write here, I understand those who were kept away. You know me, I grew up with my father, grandfather and mother until third grade.

They didn’t tell me at that time what Agana was. It is not stated what the distinction is. So that love today is the name of my house ‘Sharda’ is the name of my father. In my life, I have never known what is a father’s love and what is a mother’s love.

Ever since I can remember, I have seen them fighting, abusing and fighting. This is the family I used to see. Not even on any special day, all four of us sat and ate peacefully… When I was in class 8, my mother went to her maternal home. And my brother and I with my father.

And another face of my father that I have never seen before. To this day in my life, I don’t have a single memory of my father and mother putting me together. Then my brother and I went with my mother. Those were the days when I was very isolated there, and I started to realize my identity in isolation.

Some sleep only one night without crying. I was like a stranger in that house. That’s why left the house in a moment. After that, after some time I started feeling like I am in that house only when I started achieving something somewhere.

A kind of love, an expression of love that we feel only when we expect something from ourselves… It’s been a few months since we felt everything. Decided not to give in front of anyone for love and consideration. From the day I realized that all I have is me’,