I went to check if it was on and they were driving; Shine Tom says why did he come to the cockpit

Actor Shine Tom Chacko’s attempt to climb into the cockpit of a plane attracted a lot of media attention.

The actor was thrown from the plane after trying to get into the cockpit.

The incident attracted a great deal of media attention. Later many people started criticizing the actor. Critics have also raised the issue of drug use against the actor.

Critics said that Shine Tom Chacko entered the cockpit of the aircraft after drinking alcohol. Now the actor has come forward to explain why he entered the cockpit.

Actor says I went to see what exactly happened. Whether it burns, I’m not quite sure. Is it a thick material? Do not hesitate to drive the car, then the flight.

Shouldn’t we check if they are running these things? The actor said that is why he entered Kopit.

In an interview given to the media, the actor has given clarification on these things. Meanwhile, Shine tried to enter the cockpit while coming to Kerala after the Dubai promotion of the film ‘Bharat Circus’.

Shine tried to enter the cockpit of the Air India flight. When the actor tried to enter the hospital, the capin crew stopped him.

He asked to go to the seat. But Shine refused.

Then there was a slight ruckus and the actor was thrown from the plane.

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