I washed away my sorrows by taking a dip; Singer Abhay Hiranmayi

Singer Abhay Hiranmayi is now the star of social media. Abhay stepped into the film industry in 2014 and later got a chance to sing many songs. Many of its songs have gone viral. Singer Abhay Hiranmayi remains active on social media and shares the joys and sorrows of his life with his fans.

The year 2022 was very special for Abha. This is well known to the audience. In the same year, music director Gopi Sundar and Abhay had a breakup. After being together for many years, the two decided to separate. So 2022 is a loss year for Abha as well. But the actor has now come out of it. Now Abhay talks about his happy moment.

Abhay said this with a video of the holiday celebration organized on the occasion of Christmas. ‘I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas break. Made many memories. Enjoyed the world of reading after a long time. Stared at the sea for a long time from the balcony. I washed away my sorrows by taking a dip in the beach. Abhay wrote with the video that the joy of being unknown .. is the feeling of a butterfly.

Born in Thiruvananthapuram, Hiranmayi never formally studied music. She learned her first music lessons from her mother Latika, who is a post graduate in music. and Professor. Neyyattinkara MK. Abhay was also a disciple of Mohanchandra.

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