I thought for a moment about migrant parents who live without seeing their children; Parvati about the little girl who came to his side

Parvathy Krishna is one such actress who has proved her talent in many fields. Most Parvati are ethereal presenters. But Parvati has proved that she can act too. The actor is back on screen after a break. Parvati shares all her details through social media. Parvati tells about the sorrow of not seeing me and a clever person beside her at that time.

Parvati tells about Mitukuki who came to her when she was sad not to see Soma. The actor also says that he pacified me for a while without his knowledge.

When Kittilam came to shoot the show, he did not bring Achchukuttan with him out of respect for his health. I’ve never gone anywhere without this 2 year old, but the constant visits haven’t caused him a fever. This cycle came in the show when I was depressed without seeing him. He pacified me for a while without his knowledge.

Many people have heard about the pain of not being able to see their children, but being away even for 5 days was very difficult. Parvati said she thought for a moment about all the migrant parents who live for their children without ever seeing them.