I still keep it hidden, thinking it shouldn’t shock people; Mamta Mohandas told about her illness, fans should not be disappointed

Kochi: Mamta Mohandas is one of the favorite actresses of Malayalam. Mamta is a star who fought cancer twice. The actor, who became active in acting again after defeating cancer, has also got a new disease.

Tara was affected by Vitiligo. The actor had openly revealed that he was suffering from a skin disease called Vitiligo. Now the actress has disclosed more about the condition of the disease. Mamta said this in an interview given to Club FM.

Mamta says that initially she was in a very dark place. I could not see Mamta who says she is very strong and bold. I tried to hide my illness.

There were problems with the outside of the body. He experienced great struggle internally. He was unable to walk for three weeks.

It was a very difficult time. The actress said, “I couldn’t stop crying. During the shoot of Mahesh and Maruti, the skin started getting smaller. I didn’t know what it was then. I hid it later when I realized what it was.

Later I tried to open it. No one asks me anything after opening. The actor said he always felt the need to cover it up.

But the actress said that I thought it should not be a shock to the people but I am still hiding it. Meanwhile, Mamta’s new film is ‘Mahesh and Maruti’.

Mamta Mohandas is the heroine of Sethu directed Asif’s film. Sethu is also writing the script of the film.
The film will hit the screens on March 10. The cinematography of the film is by Faiz Siddiqui. Hari Narayan’s lyrics are composed by Kedar.

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