I started with waterfall: Maithil Devika

Maithil Devika’s marriage and divorce with actor Mukesh has created a lot of headlines on social media. But Devika kept herself away from such discussions. He didn’t listen to any gossip. Devika is focusing on her career and moving forward.

Now his new post shared on social media is going viral. The actor also shared the post-episode promo video of Devika about her guest appearance on the red carpet.

When I was young, I was not afraid to dance. Now fear has come. It was not a song that was prepared that day. When I returned the cassette, another song started playing. Devika says in the promo that it started in autumn. Many people are commenting on the video shared by Devika.

Recently, Devika’s interview with a channel named The Fourth also caught everyone’s attention. Then they google it. When it comes to this, they look at things in their personal lives. But he said it hurt.

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