I may be killed for saying so; Karan Johar made a shocking disclosure

Karan Johar is a famous director and producer of Bollywood. Karan, who is also an excellent host, is making his directorial debut with Kuch Kuch Hotahe.

Karan is making his production debut with Kalhona Ho. Later Karan produced many films. Govinda Naam Mera is the last film produced by Karan.

Karan has made a film with superstars and young actors. Now Karan Johar has fiercely criticized Bollywood stars.

Karan has fiercely targeted the actors who get a hefty salary. Karan Johar, the owner of Dharma Production, spoke openly against the stars in a podcast.

Karan Johar says that a major part of the money spent in the film is taken by the actors.

Karan Johar asked me what is the justification for asking the producer of stars who did not earn even 5 crores at the box office for 20 crores. Karan Johar also says that the hunger of stars without a vaccine is a rage.

Their company Dharma Productions was started by the two as a start-up. His film Student of the Year was a hit but he lost money. to sleep every night. Karan also said that I had to take pills.

My heart is with the Hindi film industry. But if you ask me as a businessman, the Telugu film industry is currently the most profitable, Karan said.