i like mammooty sir’s song keeravani more than bahubali

i like mammooty sir’s song keeravani more than bahubali

MM Keeravani reaches the pinnacle of world music with Golden Globe Award. The song from RRR has been honored with one of the biggest awards in the world for taking Indian music to the skies. A musician named Keeravani is also known to the Malayalees. Whenever Malayalam and that came together, the best classics of all time were born. Keeravani has composed music for three Malayalam films namely Nilagiri, Suryamanasam and Devaragam.

An old interview video of him, in which he openly talks about entering the Malayalam singing scene and his love for Malayalam, is now doing the rounds on social media. In an earlier interview with Mathrubhumi, he talked about his love for Malayalam songs.

‘The first time I got an I.V. Got a chance in Malayalam through. Through the film Nilgiri directed by Shashi. At that time Mammootty sir liked my music and started recommending me in all his films. He has encouraged me a lot. But I was busy with Telugu and other languages ​​so could not do much. My favorite songs are by Devaraag and Suryamanasam,’ said Keeravani.

Devaragam is a film starring Arvind Swamy and Sridevi as the central characters. It is a film that is loved by the audience even today. In the film, songs like ‘Sisirakala Meghamithun’, ‘Shashikala Charatiya’ and ‘Yaya Ya Yadav’ were sung by Keeravani.

Nilgiri is a 1991 movie released. The director of the film is IV Sasi. Mammootty, Sunita, Madhubala, MG Soman and Anju Srividya played lead roles. Songs like ‘Kili Patum Etho’ and ‘Thumbi Nin Moham’ sung by Keeravani in the film are songs that people still love listening to.

Suryamanasam is a film in which Mammootty played a role in Putturumeeza. This film was released in 1992 directed by Viji Thambi. This unique talent also composed the music for the song ‘Tharalitharavil Mayangyo Suryamanasam’ in the film.

This is the second time that the Golden Globes are coming to India. The song ‘Jai Ho’ from the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire by A.R. Rahman was a Golden Globe winner.

Content Highlight: I like Mammootty sir’s Suryamaansam movie song more than Baahubali, says Mimi Keeravani

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