I know that our film was not very successful, so I do not want the rest of the money; Producer Sandra Thomas reveals what Samyukta told her that day

Earlier it was reported that the producer of the film criticized actress Samyuktha for not appearing for the promotion of Malayalam film Boomerang, in which she is the female lead. Later, Shine Tom Chacko also came to criticize the actress.

It was discussed in many ways on social media. There was a lot of criticism of Sanyukta. Meanwhile, producer Sandra Thomas has come forward to share her positive experience with Samyukta.

Sandra Thomas says that the heroine Samyukta of the film Edakkad Battalion produced by her did not get the full amount.
Sandra also says that she was asked not to pay the joint balance when the film was not successful.

These things of Sandra through a social media post-

From my twelve years of cinematographic experience, here is one thing I will always remember with gratitude.

I am a producer who has produced 8 films before Edakkad Battalion and two films after that. Samyukta was selected as the heroine in the film Edakkad Battalion. I met that boy for the first time at the shooting location. Then after 20 days of shooting, I got a call.

Didi, if you don’t mind, can you give me a make-up artist for the wedding scene. I immediately said ok as it will benefit our film. When I went to the location after two days, Samyukta told me that today I have written my gratitude to my sister in my gratitude book.

It was surprising to me because it was the first time I was grateful as a producer. Whatever is usually done, everyone sees it as the duty of the creator. That day I also remembered that boy with gratitude.
Months have passed and the film is getting closer to release.

The union has been able to pay only 65 percent of the fixed salary. I called Samyukta and asked for some time. Got the answer without any hesitation that no problem didi, this is not our film. Samyuktha sent me a message on the second day of the film’s release. Didi, I know that our movie was not very successful, Didi, it may be that our movie did not get any financial benefit, so I do not want to give the rest of the money to me.

No matter how much sister insists, I will not buy it. Let’s make a cool movie together. I had to bow down to the huge mind of that kid.

Joint is a text book for all those brothers and sisters who don’t dub without full salary and don’t go for promotion.

Whether the film is successful or unsuccessful, its effect rests on the producer. Because if it had failed, everyone would have pocketed their money. In Kerala, where more than 300 films are released in a year, only 5% of the films are successful.

Malayalam cinema needs more such actors and actresses to sustain its producers.It is my experience…

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