I have tears in my eyes and I have done wrong: Tovino on Unnimukundan

Unni Mukundan and Tovino Thomas are the young stars of Malayalam. Andaz is one such film in which both came together. Unni Mukundan was the hero in this film released in 2016. Tovino played the role of the villain. After 6 years both of them have become busy stars in Malayalam. Tovino shared his experience of acting with Unni Mukundan.

‘We used to spend evenings together. I love sweets. If it is Unni, it will be on a Kata diet. At that time my stomach was a little. Sometimes I give chicken fry to Unni, thinking that if he will eat it, he will eat it, but even if I try to entice him, he will not eat it. One day someone bought Rasgulla and brought it. I don’t get cravings after eating this. When I was trying to eat sugar water, Unni called me and said that I should not eat calories.

When I try to eat him, he says he can’t eat out of love for a fellow bodybuilder. My eyes filled with tears. I immediately put the chicken fry away from him. What I did was wrong’, Tovino says.