I have seen Joju lying in a sack without money for a room in Pollachi Kala Chanta: Says Lal Jose

Joju George is one such actor who entered cinema as a junior artiste and rose to fame as a hero with his will and hard work.

Joju has been garnering accolades with his brilliant performances in the best movies. The new film with the actor in lead role is garnering a doubly positive response.

Meanwhile, director Lal Jose’s talk about the actor is making headlines on social media.

Lal Jose tells the story of meeting Joju George, an actor who has come to Pollachi to attend an audition.

Lal Jose says that Joju is sleeping without money to take a room in Pollachi Bull Market.

‘Joju George came to Pollachi to attend an audition. Due to not getting room to stay, he sleeps in Pollachi market at night. In the morning the bulls come to the market. You will have to pay three rupees for the place of spreading one sack.

After paying that money, Joju came to the audition fresh wearing a nice shirt kept in a plastic cover, lying in a sack, munching on his pipe. I know he went and stood up and pretended someone got off in a Benz. I have seen it’, said Laljos.

On the other hand, ‘Iratta’ is Joju’s last theatrical release. The film has been released on OTT which has received a great response. Judwaa is directed by Rohit MG Krishnan.

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