I have gone through many situations, so I have learned a lot; Nayanthara on her film career

Nayanthara made her acting debut in the Malayalam film Manasinakare and later acted in several films in Tamil and Telugu languages. Tamil films like Chandramukhi, Ghajini, Billa, Yaaarthi Nee Mohini and Irumukhan are some of Nayanthara’s successful films. Nayan has been one of the leading actresses of cinema for 20 years.

Now what Nayan said about his journey in an interview to PTI is making a lot of headlines on social media. The actor says that he has been through many situations, so he has learned a lot.

Whatever I did wrong in going through good times and bad times, it is all right now. It is not an easy task to survive in the film industry for 18, 19 years. But the audience and God have mercy on me. Nayantara says I still don’t know how it all happened together.

What matters to me is to make great films. The actor said it is the same whether it is the films being made or the films being bought or the films he is acting in. Good films should be there and reach the audience. Good content determines a good image. If you believe in the craft that you are doing then you can do a good job. Nayanthara said that the audience will like it.