I have experienced good love, and since then there has been no better love; Manikuttan won’t think twice if the offer comes his way

Manikuttan is a star with many fans. Although he has played notable roles in films, the actor has not been able to make it big in the acting world. The actor has overcome many troubles in his life and Manikuttan spoke about it all in the Bigg Boss house. Manikuttan is also the winner of Bigg Boss season 3.

Manikuttan says now he is ready for marriage. I believe in marriage. Everyone says he has a lot of fans but I haven’t met anyone yet, says the actor.

‘I’ve never met anyone who made a serious marriage proposal. I will not give time to think twice. Before that I would have got married. seriously.

‘I am a person who has experienced good love. Did not see his religion, did not see the condition of his family. He fell in love with his eyes closed. But there could not be one. Not their fault and not mine. Status After that I didn’t get good love’ ‘I realized the difference between the love of those days and today’s love that day they will give me a gift. We don’t have money to give gifts in return. Manikuttan said that he only thinks about love.