I have done only one wrong with him – did you hear Jagathi Sreekumar talking about break up earlier? Jagti did not reveal the name of the girl but the audience said that we have understood the person.

Jagathi Sreekumar is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is one of the best character actors in Malayalam cinema. After an accident, he is now keeping distance from films. But recently he appeared in the fifth edition of CBI series. The Malayalees welcomed him with thunderous applause. This scene has become an example of the fact that the spirit of Jagati remains in the minds of Malayalees even today.

Meanwhile, Jagathi Sreekumar is now talking about the breakup of the first relationship in her life. Although the girl’s name is not mentioned, the audience assumes that Mallika Sukumaran is meant. Jagathi Sreekumar says that first love happens at an immature age. He says that he fell in love at the age of 17 while studying in college and at the age of 19, love came true. He was lucky that he married the girl he loved.

It was not just a one-off love affair. Jagati Sreekumar says that they lived together for about 11 years and then the relationship broke up. Jagathi Sreekumar says I did only one mistake of not cheating on my girlfriend and later I felt it was young love. The actor said that today that relationship is seen only as the agility of age.

At the same time, Jagathy Sreekumar said that love is good only when you can share all the joys and sorrows of life together. If there are two ways between husband and wife when difficulties arise, then love will not be complete. Jagathy Sreekumar said that earlier love and marriage had to break due to financial difficulties.

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