I have cheated and done illegal things during my studies; Lena with Revelation

Leena is a Malayali favourite. The actor, who entered cinema at the age of sixteen, has given many wonderful roles to the audience. Any role of heroine, co-star, sister-in-law, mother is safe in Leena’s hands.

The star’s new film is ‘Analum Natalia’. In an interview given in connection with the promotion of the film, the words of the actor are now making headlines.

Actress Leena openly says that she has done illegal things during her studies. Everyone will be shown the paper when they sit for the exam. The actress also says that she was driving without a license.

Leena also says that once she was caught by the police. Despite being a rank holder, he has cheated in the exam. Kids used to offer to buy toffees when I showed them my exam paper.

So the actress says that she used to show the exam paper to everyone. The actress said that she had done illegal things during her college days.

Leena says that the police once arrested her for driving without a learner’s license. When he said that he was going to take the exam, the police asked to bring the vehicle in the evening.

On reaching home, he told the police about the arrest. When Amma said to introduce the train to the station, the first thing she thought was the railway station. Leena later said in an interview that when she realized it was a police station, she heard a lot of bad calls.