I have an 18 year old daughter, and she asks if her father can play the hero; Karthik Prasad

Maunargam is one such series which has grabbed attention in a very short span of time. Tamil actors are also appearing in lead roles. Everyone is doing great. Baiju, who is seen in a comedy role, is the favorite actor of the audience. Karthik Prasad, a native of Kozhikode, plays Baiju. Earlier he has worked in many movie serials, but when he appeared in Mounarga, he was noticed.

The actors talk about their love for the serial. The actor says that he has come for a three-day shoot and stayed in it for three years. But Karthik says that there is no similarity in his character with Baiju and people call him by the same name.

Baiju says that Hero Kiran Baiju has been replaced but that change has not been brought in the look. Karthik also says that he wants to ask the director to change the current look.

He has an 18 year old daughter and her daughter is asking her father to play the hero after seeing his role in the serial. But the daughter’s friends say that she laughed a lot after seeing her father’s acting. The actor also says that Naleef is more mischievous on the set.

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