I have a deal with them, I will ask sometime, I gave everything but I suffered in that matter, why was it – Maithil Devika listened?

Maithil Devika is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. She is a Mohiniyattam artist and also a dance teacher. She got media headlines after her marriage to Mukesh. They got married in 2013. Recently both of them got divorced. Now Devika is talking about her married life.

β€œI am not one to talk about relationships. Because I’m a failure To marry twice is to be born twice. These are two lives. When a woman gives, her life is given completely. Twice in one birth is intolerable. So it was a big shock for me” – says Devika.

“I have a deal with God. Someday when I reach there I will ask why you gave me everything but there is so much pain in relationships. It is for me to ask God. It was not easy at all and so I Also does not recommend having multiple relationships.

You date or whatever. Not so in our system. Most of the problems start after marriage. Don’t commit to marriage if you’re not completely sure before. He was the only guy in our system who talked to the boy seriously. Rajeev was the only person I was talking to, so I thought it must end in marriage. It was the same with Mukesheta” – said Devika.

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