I grew up as a Tamilian…studied writing in Tamil, then learning Malayalam was not an option: Manju Warrier

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Fans have captured Manju Warrier’s performance in ‘Tuniv’. In the film, Manju will be seen doing action scenes with Ajith from Katta. Manju also received critical acclaim for her performance in her debut Tamil film Asuran.

Manju Warrier has now opened up on how she first learned Tamil and why she hasn’t done many Tamil films. “Before learning Malayalam, I studied Tamil. Learned to write, read and speak. Can read and write in Tamil.”

“When I started school, the option to take up Malayalam was after class II. Till then I learned Tamil by writing. All friends were Tamil. I actually grew up as a Tamilian. But I love it. ”

He said, “If you ask why Tamil films didn’t happen, there are many reasons. Films came when I was acting for the first three years. But doing back to back films in Malayalam caused a date problem. “

Many even asked when she started acting because of the date problem or the story became unsatisfactory. In the end it all came together in Asuran. So it came in Tamil. There were no specific reasons for not doing films in Tamil,” Manju said in an interview.

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