I got it when I was in jail, so it helped me get through my 60 days; Shine Tom Chacko

Shine Tom Chacko is one of the leading stars of Malayalam cinema. The actor has proved that he is secure with any role he takes up. But Shine has also been in controversies many times and has often faced criticism. Now a video of Shine’s speech is going viral on social media. Speaking at a book launch event, the actor talked about a book he read during his jail days.

In the words of the actor, I am a person who has not read a single children’s play in my life. I’m not interested in reading anything other than comics. My sister-in-law used to recite Balarama to me. That too is a lie. So I grew up without any connection to reading. He used to read books to learn.

During my 60 days in jail, I got a chance to read a book. The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho. English not Malayalam version. They are loaded and released in such a way that they can be quickly unloaded while in the sub-jail. But this book has come at a time when all hope is gone when I live in a sub-jail without bail. This book was given to him by a friend of his in another cell. Then I thought ok let’s see the picture and when I opened the book there was no picture in it. Then I started reading. Reading is very slow like one page, two pages.

That’s the way to sleep till nine o’clock in jail. Can’t read anymore. And some anticipation of the next page for me to look forward to. Hopes started coming again in life. That’s when you come to know how important a book is in a person’s life. The anticipation is waiting to see what’s on the next page. Then I came to know about the book. That book helped me last 60 days. Hope it was the medium of books that rekindled those feelings within me. Shine said that writing is powerful.

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