I got into it after my mother, but it’s not the right job for me; malvika says

Actress Parvathy quit acting after marriage. Recently the actor was active on social media. The actress has been featured in most of the posts shared by Parvathy’s Jairam’s children. Around the same time, his daughter Malvika also made her acting debut. Taraputri debuted with a music video.

Earlier, Chucky was first selected for the film Varan Prathammund. But after listening to the story, the actress decided not to act anymore. Malavika is still listening to stories in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. Anyway, there is no doubt that the actor will soon be in films.

Now Malavika tells how she tried to learn dance at a young age. I felt like learning dance as classical dance is a talent for everyone. So when I was young, my mother enrolled me in a master class.

Later some teachers came and went to teach me dance. But nothing changed for me. “Eventually I realized that this is not the right job for me,” said the actor. Malavika, on the other hand, says that she wanted to dance after seeing her mother’s pictures of Mohiniyattam.

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