I feel very happy when my son comes from abroad to visit his mother; Words of actress Urmila Unni

Once upon a time, actress Urmila Unni had a glut of films. Now the actor is active on social media. Star comes with a post in between. The actress has informed about meeting her favorite singer Navneet Unnikrishnan.

After listening to the songs, I had a great desire to meet this person some day. I started sending his videos to all my music loving friends. I was waiting for that child living in America to come to Kerala.

Thus the day came. I was excited that my son would be visiting his mother from abroad. We entered Thripunithura jetty park and took place for the 5 pm 6 pm music party. Navneet entered the stage by running through the audience and was greeted with thunderous applause by the packed audience.

Speaking in English with an American accent. Malayalam is not spoken. But the one who started singing ‘pol thinkalkala pottu thotta th himaval shailagrath’ is not him; Whoever heard it understood. It was in my chest that the ocean of Nadbrahmat floated. Because after Saraswatiyam, Agni wore the crown and became ashwarupa from swara to swara. Which mother doesn’t want a son who effortlessly moves from raga to raga and sings with gusto?

You were humming half-heartedly in that cold room, I was overflowing with flowers and leaves. Even after the incident, he bowed to the parents who made him lucky, while he walked out beating his chest without even looking at you. On the way back, I just wanted to have you by my side. Navneet, the musical notes and the rhythmic changes struck my mind and I remembered.

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