I don’t wear revealing clothes; actress anikha says

Actress Anikha Surendran has made her film debut as a child actress. Anika made her debut as a heroine from the film Oh My Darling. At the same time, after this the actress directly faced some criticism. Now the actor is talking about his fashion and dressing. Anika said that she does not like to wear revealing clothes.

My fashion and style keep changing. I like to go with the trends. Whatever clothes I wear, it should be comfortable for me.

I am very reserved when it comes to fashion. There is not much testing. When I was little, my mother used to make all the clothes. My mother used to sew. I have used it for a long time.

I always wear comfortable clothes. Even if it is for a photoshoot, I am either comfortable or not. or go ahead. There will be no one else like me. Never slut-sham anyone. I personally do not like showing too much skin. He is my favourite. Anikha said that there is no specific reason for this.

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