I don’t watch films, I only saw Kinnarathumpi in the films I acted in: Shakeela

Shakeela was once present in South Indian B-grade films. In that period, Shakeela’s films used to challenge even the films of superstars.

Malayalam superstar Shakeela has also failed in front of films like Mammootty and Mohanlal Films.

The actor has taken a break from B-grade films and is now living in Chennai.

Now things said about Shakeela’s own films are getting a lot of headlines. Shakeela says that she has not seen most of the films she has acted in.

Shakeela says she has only seen Kinnara Thampi and that too once. The actress says that I want to play good characters.

This reaction of the actress has come in an interview given to Milestone Makers.

Shakeela says she is a huge fan of Mohanlal and acting in Chhota Mumbai was a fan girl moment.

Kinnara Thampi was the only film in which I acted. I got tensed just listening to its music. I don’t like any A movies. That’s why I didn’t like any of the characters I played. Shakeela says.

The story told to me is not taken. That’s why I don’t waste time listening to the story, said Shakeela.

A good scene, market scene, husband’s scene can be a one day shoot. Shakeela said, “I will buy the money. I will tell you which scene is the best.”

Shakeela says that she is a big fan of Mohanlal. Acting in Chhota Mumbai was a fan girl moment. Shakeela says that she was taken in the car after the Lalithan shoot.

Shakeela said that I want to do good roles. I tried to do serious roles. But the director said that my face does not fit.

I want to do normal characters who can cry well. I will do it now.’ Shakeela said that I have many good characters in my mind.

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