I don’t think many people see reason to hate Nelson Dilip Kumar: Arun Gopi

Arun Gopi’s post regarding Tamil director Nelson Dilip Kumar is making a lot of headlines on social media. The note states that the failure of Beast has left Nelson mentally exhausted and he is working on his next film, Jailer, in his sleep and wants to make a comeback. Arun’s response was borrowed from a note shared by Naveen.

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Note shared by Arun Gopi

The first film is a director who didn’t go far. He is the master of mind who came back after a lot of effort and made his first film a success. He is the person who was in the Times of India’s “Most Promising Directors” list in 2018. I believe that Nelson is a director who should not be judged by an animal.

Always fond of those who come back from failures..starting from fahad to mohammed siraj priyam..now hopefully the last person in that group will be nelson..while there is no disputing that the movie animal is bad and that The effect of how much defeat is sometimes beyond our imagination..mental stress too.He goes through worst times including stress..wants..to overcome everything and come back.

For a person who usually looks very pleasant in interviews and stage shows, the change in the year is really terrible. You can criticize his films and writings..but I don’t think many people will find reasons to hate Nelson Dilipkumar. ,

In Thalaivar films, there is a background setting that the director slowly builds up when the hero takes a step back.. The more harrowing it becomes.. The more the offer of a comeback gives goosebumps.. An adrenaline rush There’s the rush that you get when you see someone make a grand comeback from a place where you think the hero is completely gone. Yes, I want to go back to jail too.. Rajni’s return.. with that man..

There are some things which we often overlook in the people around us..some smiles which suddenly disappear…some isolation..some stand apart..put them together..because. .Mental health is very important.

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