I don’t need to go out and find something like you – Gopi Sundar ran away seeing the person who got scratched.

Gopi Sundar is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is best known as a music director. He has done some of the best songs ever in Malayalam. He is still very active in the field of music direction. But now he is focusing more on foreign languages ​​than Malayalam.

On the other hand, viewers say that if you want to know the extent of sexual poverty of Malayalees, all you have to do is look at their comment box. You will see such bad comments here. It can be said that here every person is crying for his problems. Such lewd comments are coming.

Today Gopi Sundar shared a picture. He came wearing a nice shirt and pants. It was a rich shirt. This shirt is made in rainbow colour. Everyone is saying that the actress is looking very cute in this outfit. At the same time, the comment of a person who scratched below it was something like this – Which medicine did you take?

It would be appropriate to chase the person who came to ridicule and call Gopi Sundar. Answer given by Gopi Sundar is as follows – “It is a gift given to me by my parents at the time of my birth. But I don’t need to go out to find medicine like you” – This is a collective answer given by Gopi Sundar The answer was Many people are now coming forward to congratulate him.