I don’t get Mammootty a film like leftover food, when I come to know I say no: Lal

Lal, who came to cinema through direction, later became one of the best actors in a short time. Lal has also received the State Film Award for Best Actor. Now Lal’s talks about his characters are making a lot of headlines.

Lal says that the films that mainly come are usually the ones Mammootty and others have either said no to or have dropped because they don’t have the time. Lal Manas spoke candidly at the audio launch of his new film Dear Vapi. He compares his lead roles to those of survivors.

Lal also says that when he comes to know about the lead role, he declines it. At the same time, he clarified that Dear Vapi was not like this.
One day the production controller called me saying that there is a film for the lead role.

But when he heard about the lead role, he said no. Lal says that if the star-studded film is average then the opinion is that no matter what, it will be a super hit. But films like Dear Vappi are not like that. Superhitv Lal said that if it gets any comments then it is great.

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