I don’t even know how I got into it, it wasn’t what he said in the closed room that came out; Bindu Panicker on her statement in Dilip case

The attack on the actress in Kochi was a much talked about affair both inside and outside the film industry. Many stars of Malayalam cinema became witnesses in this case. Actress Bindu Panicker is one of them. Meanwhile, actor Dileep’s name is being mentioned since the beginning of the case. Later, he also went to jail in this case.

Bindu Panicker’s first statement, which she later changed, caused a huge controversy. Now the actress has reacted to this for the first time. Bindu Panicker says she doesn’t even know how he got on the witness list. Bindu Panikkar said that we have done many films together and that’s why.

But Bindu Panikkar gave clarification and said that the things that have come to the fore regarding my statement to the police are not true. What I said behind closed doors did not come out. How can it be changed like this? Bindu Panicker said that she did not know how the outside world would know about it.