I do not agree to throw away the food, the food which I had kneaded and overturned, was dried and eaten by Lalithan; Manoj K Jayan talks about Mohanlal’s eating habits

Co-stars used to say about Mohanlal that Lalitan is always a person who respects food. His colleagues say that he loves to cook and Lalithan would not agree to waste food.

Now what actor Manoj K Jayan said about Mohanlal’s diet is attracting everyone’s attention. Manoj K Jayan said this in an interview given to Surya TV.

Manoj says that Mohanlal is such a person who does not waste even a grain of food. K. Jayan says. Not only this, the actor also said that once he stopped to throw away his leftover food, Mohanlal had eaten it all.

Manoj’s Jayan says that the incident took place on the sets of Sagar Alias ​​Jackie’s shoot. ‘The food that Llayton eats is not wasted. He does not waste even a single grain of rice.

Similarly, sometimes we unknowingly eat from the same plate in which Lalithan had eaten. Because it will think new plate. That plate would be so long.

Nothing will be visible, everything will be scratched and licked. If you have curry leaves, make a design out of it. Manoj K Jayan also says that I have written about him in a book about this.

Manoj’s Jayan also says that once he ate the food he had mixed and turned it over. Manoj K Jayan said that a person like Mohanlal considers the rest of his food very important and after that he does not waste food.

The shooting of Sagar Alias ​​Jackky is going on in Kovalat. Too late to break up Lalithan and I were sitting together having dinner when there was a break.

He will eat soon. I have started taking it slowly. I have a character. I won’t eat a small one if it gets bad.

I could not eat chamanthi as it was spoiled. So I tried to throw away the food. Then he took the plate from my hand and ate the food saying that chhamminthi is not bad. I am completely spoiled. Manoj’s Jayan said that he ate the food after being asked not to waste it.

The actor also said that he misbehaved with me by asking me not to waste food. Lori, great actor, ate everything I kneaded and turned over. Manoj K Jayan says that this was a great learning for me.

The rest will be eaten by my wife or mother. But what a man like Llayton ate, I took to life with terrible importance. Manoj K Jayan says that since then he has not wasted food.

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