‘I didn’t want to go, it was too unexpected’: Manju Patros

Kochi: Manju Patros is an actress whom Malayalam audience knows through reality shows. Manju, who appeared in front of the mini screen audience as a contestant in Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2, has now answered the question that if she is called in Bigg Boss, will she go. Manju says that Big Boss will not go on calling and there are three reasons for this.

Following are the words of Manju Patros;

‘If you call Bigg Boss, you will not go. There are two or three reasons for this. Firstly, I didn’t have my own house. That dream has come true. We have got money from Bigg Boss to build a small house.

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And secondly, now I am surrounded by my Sunichan, son, pat, father and mother. I went in thinking it would be the same inside. When I got there, I realized that this is not something I can do. Before that all I knew was that I had to be with certain people. When I went inside it, I realized that there are so many obstacles in it. I will never be able to experience it again.

The third reason is that I didn’t want to go. Those things were very unexpected. In fact, when I got out of it, I realized what sport is all about. If someone was upset there, I would have been upset.

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