I caught the snake in it, and when it hisses, it runs to the cameraman; meghna says

Meghna Vincent is one such actress who has created a place in the hearts of the audience with her character of Kanneer. Amrita’s character was noticed in the serial Chandanmaja. Meghna Vincent is also such an actress, who was trolled the most through this. In this, Amrita and Arjun are still in the minds of the audience.

Now the actress is talking about a scene of sandalwood rain. There is a snake picking scene in it, which the actress calls real. When I was told to catch the snake in it, I got scared and caught it. It got caught loose and then it stopped looking at me. I can say that watching this killed me.

Things were done in the first shoot, but the snake was small and the snake smelled. With this people started running. He left her and ran to the man who took the camera. But I mustered up all my courage and didn’t let it go. The actress said, “I didn’t let go until the snake came and snatched it from me.”

At the same time, this actor, who stayed away from acting after marriage, soon got divorced and joined Tamil serials. But the actress did not make a comeback in Malayalam. Meghna came in Malayalam serial after a long time.

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