I can’t sing your song, Dasethan tells Usepacchan to sing it with someone else – Kaitparam Damodaran Namboodiri

I cannot sing your song, Dasetan tells Ouspachan to sing it with someone else: Katpram Damodaran Namboodiri.

Samachar is a 1991 superhit film directed by Kamal. With Mohanlal, Amala, Shobhana and Ashokan in lead roles, the film’s songs also became very popular. The film’s music was directed by Auspechan.

Lyricist Kaitapram Damodaran Namboothiri talks about the feud between Ausepachan and Yesudas while arranging the songs into material. Yesudas quarreled over asking someone else to sing with him and eventually he, Kamal and Ouspachan went and invited them on the Safari Channel’s History Through Me programme.

‘P. Balachandran has scripted the content. I loved that script too. We discuss and make the script.

At that time there was a small friction between Dasetan and Ausepachan. Dasetan said I can’t sing your song, you are too hypnotized, I can’t sing your pitch, sing it with someone else. There is a message to give the cassette to Dasetan’s channel.

Singing Dasetan Geet is compulsory for all. Finally, Kamal, Ausepachan and I went to understand Dasetan. After listening to all of them, Dasetan did not say anything. I intervened. I am a little more closed. I said that Dasetan should sing. I said you can do it. I said that Dasetan sings, it is Kamal’s wish and mine too.

It doesn’t matter, he used to say Kosrakoli again and again, that’s all, then there’s Johnson’s problem, Daseton said, I can sing. So we called and went and sang in the material,’ said Kitpram.

Ingredients Highlight: Kaitapram Damodaran Namboodiri talking about the fight between Ausepachan and Yesudas

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