I am very sad that I could not do the film Ayyappan and Kosi: Siddiqui

Actor Siddique said that he should have played the role played by Ranjith in Ayyappan and Koshiyum. Siddiqui said that he felt sad when he remembered that character and wanted to do that character so much. Siddiqui also says that he thought he would be able to reach the sets till the last moment.

I was supposed to play Ranjith in Ayyappan and Koshi. It was a contract to act and the date was correct. But at that time I was working in a film named Mohan Kumar. That film started a little later than I said.

“Ever since the shooting started, I told the director about acting in this film. But he said that it would not be okay if I go. Ranjeet also calls me repeatedly asking if he will come. I said that I will come up with it. Because I really wanted to do that film. Saatchi told me that story very beautifully’.

‘All they have to do is shoot my character’s part one day. This is a combination scene with Prithviraj. He called me and asked me to come tomorrow. But I could not leave the film I was doing. Then Ranjit worked in it ‘.

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Even after acting, Ranjit used to call me and tell me one by one. Still tells me from time to time. I would say he played the part well. Siddiqui said, I felt very sad that I could not do that film and still do sometimes.

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