I am never saying that I should indulge myself; united openly

Samyukta Menon is a film actress who came by train and won the hearts of Malayalam audience. The actress rose to fame in the film industry with the film released in 2018. After that the actor worked in many films. Samyuktha is also a busy actress today.
The actor also acted in films in languages ​​other than Malayalam. The actress had said that she is no longer in Malayalam.

Samyuktha says that the respect and love the audience is now showering us in Tamil and Telugu is huge. But the actor told that in the initial days he did not even get the basic salary from the film.

Cinema is a business. This shooting location is my workplace. Even the most basic things that should be available there are not available. Often some shooting locations do not have bathrooms. In some places there is no cleanliness at all, even the shutters cannot be closed properly.

It took me a long time to say that this is not true.
Later he said that it is not possible. I’m not saying that I should ever allow myself that luxury. On the other hand, being able to use a clean bathroom is a fundamental thing in the workplace, the actress said.

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