I am losing color and facing another disease: Mamta Mohandas

Actress Mamta Mohandas says she is suffering from an autoimmune disease. Mamta gave information about her illness by posting a post on Instagram. Earlier it was Mamta Mohandas who defeated cancer and became alive again. Mamta shared with her fans how she fought cancer with confidence and faced the crisis.

‘Dear Sun, I embrace you now like never before. I’ve found that I’m losing color. Every day I wake up before you to see your first ray glimmering in the mist. Give me whatever you have.. From today I will be indebted to you.’

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Mumps is a medical condition that affects the body’s immune system. A group of diseases known as autoimmune disorders are characterized by an overactive and defective response of the immune system. The immune system becomes unable to recognize our own cells.

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