I am 47 years old, they call me Santoor Mummy; Roopa says in Mounarga

Moonragam is one of the favorite serial of miniscreen audience. This series is still running as a hit. Chandrasekhar and Roopa are the father and mother of Nayak. These roles are being played by actor Firoz and actress Anhu Nair. Both appear in the serial as husband and wife who do not know each other.

But they are firm friends outside as well. Now Angu is talking about her acting career. The actor said that he is 47 years old and he has no hesitation in saying it openly. She is the mother of one such son in real life. I have a son of 21 years. Meanwhile, the actress says that everyone calls her Santoor Mummy.

The actress also says that she came in this series because she was told that she would not have a husband. I thought I was at peace when the director told me that I have two children but no husband. But Anju also said that when she crossed 300 episodes, her husband came. Firoz came to give interview. Firoz also shared his tales.

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